One Love One Love
  • 01. Download
    the armband

  • 02. Chose a
    national team
    to play

  • 03. Share your
    videos and sign
    our open letter

At the greatest
soccer event
in the world,
our rights are
being attacked.

Even before the beginning of the event, ALL OUT
already warned about the organization's
disregard for LGBT+ rights in Qatar.

But not satisfied with ignoring the problem,
they decided to go further.

Now they are playing agains us.

The censorship of the 'One Love' armband
and the threats of severe punishments to athletes
are the greatest symbols of this intolerance.

How long will we be punished for defending
the right to love whoever we want?

One Love One Love
Armband One Love

More than
a defense
of LGBT+ rights.
A counterattack.

We found out that it is possible to
use the 'One Love' armband inside
the most famous soccer game in history.

Therefore, we invite you to take
the field with us, wearing the
'One Love' armband.

Just follow the
steps below:


Download the
files and
the manual





All set? Now, let's take the field.

One Love One Love
Compartilhe One Love
Compartilhe One Love
Compartilhe One Love
Compartilhe One Love
Compartilhe One Love
Compartilhe One Love

They might control the players over there. But they will
never control the fans around here. Check out some posts
from people who already played with the armband.

Your protest can be shown here as well. Post a video using the
armband in the game with #PlayWithLove and tag @alloutbr,
@FIFAWorldCup and the profile of the national team you played with.

Let's add some
pressure together.
Sign our
open letter.

LGBT+ rights are at stake.
In this game, each signature counts.

Sign the open letter

one love

The One Love movement is an initiative against discrimination and prejudice. Its colors represent different sexual orientations, gender identities and also different races and origins.

It started in Dutch soccer, with an open letter signed by more than 60 soccer clubs' representatives.